Adults 15 years and over may travel with a child in their care. If not travelling with an adult 15 years or over, children 5 to 11 years and under can travel alone provided they meet the unaccompanied minors conditions.


On international flights, bassinet fittings may be installed on Air New Zealand Boeing 777 and 767 aircraft. The bassinet dimensions are 29 inches (73.66 cm) long x 13.5 inches (34.29 cm) wide and made up with sheets, a pillow and blankets and are designed for infants up to 8 months old (and weighing a maximum of 11.8kgs/26lbs).

When booking online, bassinets are identified with a bassinet icon, and when selecting a seat in a Bassinet Row with a bassinet fitting you will be asked to confirm that the infant will meet the criteria to use the bassinet. If the infant is more than 11.8kgs/26lbs or older than 8 months at the time of travel, they may not be able to use the bassinet and you may be moved to allow a suitably aged infant to use the bassinet. Please note that when selecting your seat online, not all seats in a Bassinet Row have bassinet fittings, those that do are indicated with a bassinet icon and states that it includes a bassinet.

If you are travelling with an infant aged between 8 months and 15 months (and weighing a maximum of 11.8kgs/26lbs) and have not pre purchased a bassinet seat, a bassinet seat may be allocated to you if one is still available at the time you check in on the day of travel.

Groups of children

School trips, sports tournaments, and family reunions are just some of the occasions when groups of children travel with Air New Zealand. Whatever the reason, and whatever the size of the group, it is always a very exciting adventure for children, however, it is important that there is adequate adult supervision to ensure their safety and well-being.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that there should be at least one adult for every five children travelling.

Travelling with other people's children

Border authorities recommend that persons travelling with a child (under 18 years of age) who is not their child, carry a consent document or letter (signed by the parent or lawful guardian of the child) as well as a copy of the child's birth certificate, to prove that the travellers have the permission of the absent lawful parent(s) or guardian.

Children travelling in a different cabin

We realise there will be times when you may wish to travel in a different class of travel to your children on the same flight, whether using recognition upgrades, Oneup upgrades or purchasing your fare outright. When you wish to do this the children must meet the requirements set out on the Unaccompanied Minors Age Limits chart including the restrictions on permissible routes, they are also required to pay the applicable adult fare. For journeys covered by note 1 and or 5 of the Unaccompanied Minors Age Limits chart, travel is permitted subject to age requirements only being met as the children will be in your care while on the ground. No unaccompanied minor form is required in this situation.

Please note that this applies for Air New Zealand operated flights only. Please contact the operating carrier for travel on another carrier, including Air New Zealand codeshare flights.

Kids packs

Travelling is a wonderful experience to share with your child, but we also know how tiring it can be for your both. So we've developed an exciting Kids Pack available when you book with Air New Zealand and order a children's meal with a wide range of activities and entertainment to keep the little ones occupied.

Meet the Jet Cadets

The Jet Cadets are a team of superb secret agents, and they're ready to take young Air New Zealand travellers around the world.

Introducing the secret agents -

Abi. Abi: Abi never backs down from a challenge and is always ready to jump to action. She is strong, sporty and 11 years old. When she's not out and about solving mysteries with Jack, Abi loves nothing more than to spend the day rock climbing and exploring the outdoors. Don't mess with this great girl - she's a fierce force in any terrific team!







Jack: He's one cool customer who loves to go on adventures. No matter what mystery is on the books or which country he finds himself in, Jack always knows his way around. He's slick on his skateboard, an awesome videogamer and an electronic whiz. There's no need to fear when this 12 year old is on the case. Jack will always save the day!






Squib. Squib: This fluffy creature is one friendly fellow! Squib met Jack and Abi deep in the jungle when they were on a marvellous mission one day. He has never since left their side. Forever protective of the Jet Cadets, Squib has become an honorary member of the secret-agent team. A little clumsy at times, Squib always manages to bring a smile to his friends' faces.



Safety and well-being

The safety of your children is our first concern when you are travelling with us. So it is important that you follow any instructions from your Cabin Crew.

Please also note that international safety and hygiene regulations do not allow Cabin Crew to feed children, administer medication, take children to the toilet, change nappies, or allow children to run through the aircraft.

While Cabin Crew cannot administer medication, they do have Olbas oil available to help children suffering from ear-ache during take off or descent. To assist your infant during take off and landing we suggest you have a feeding option to give your baby to help their ears adjust to the change in air pressure. Children do seem to be more susceptible than adults to the changes in air pressure, and this is especially so if they are suffering from a cold, or have tonsil or adenoid problems. If your child has these problems, it is advisable to see a doctor before travelling.


In addition to any other allowances, an infant and/or child is permitted to carry a stroller and/or car seat free of charge, regardless of fare type including when their fare does not include a checked baggage allowance.

OK on boardTick. Stroller - Overhead Locker.

This is the only style of stroller which can be stowed in the overhead lockers of Boeing 777, 767 and A320 (Domestic) aircraft.

However, all strollers must be checked in when travelling on an Air New Zealand Link (flight numbers in series 5000 and 8000) or international single-aisle aircraft due to limited locker space.


Must be checked-inCross. Stroller - Check In.

These larger styles of stroller do not fit in the overhead locker of any aircraft and must be checked-in with your baggage.

Please note: on Boeing 777, 767, A320 (Domestic), strollers with a completely collapsible frame and seating will normally fit in the overhead lockers. Due to safety requirements, if your stroller will not fit in an overhead locker, it will need to be checked in with your other baggage as it cannot be stowed under any seat.

If the flight you are travelling on is full, airport staff may request that your stroller is checked in.