Air New Zealand Credit Terms and Conditions

Last updated 6 October 2023

The following terms and conditions are important and set out your rights and obligations regarding your flight credits issued by Air New Zealand for flights purchased directly from Air New Zealand.

If any of these terms or conditions are inconsistent with any laws, then those laws will prevail.

You should read these terms and conditions carefully.

Who do these terms and conditions apply to?

These terms and conditions apply to any person who has been issued a credit by Air New Zealand for flights purchased directly from us via our website, contact centre or an offshore travel centres. These terms and conditions do not apply to any credits issued by Air New Zealand for flights purchased via a Travelcard or through a travel agent or other indirect channel, group bookings, or corporate travel. 

Who can use the credit?

Credits are issued to the primary email address linked to the flight booking (the Credit Holder). It is likely that the person who received the electronic ticket and receipt from Air New Zealand at the time the booking was made will be the Credit Holder. The Credit Holder is responsible for complying with these terms and conditions.

How can I change or challenge the Credit Holder?

A Credit Holder may request that one of the individuals on the original booking (a 'Traveller') be assigned as the Credit Holder, or one or more of the Travellers should each receive a portion of a credit.

Any such request must be made by the current Credit Holder in writing to Air New Zealand and sent from the email address that the credit was issued to within 30 days of the credit being issued.

Any disputes regarding the issuance or use of a credit between the Credit Holder and any other passenger or third party is considered a civil matter between those parties. Any disputes must be raised with the Credit Holder directly and Air New Zealand will have no involvement in such dispute.

How long is a credit valid for?

If you received a credit on or before 30 September 2022, you will have until 31 January 2026 to book new flights, and until 31 December 2026 to complete travel. For credits received from 1 October 2022, you will have 12 months from the day your credit was processed to book a flight, and up to a further 12 months to travel.

How can I use my credit?

Credits can be used as payment for any flights available for purchase by the general public via the Air New Zealand website, our contact centre or offshore travel centre. Flights are able to be purchased up to 12 months in advance. 

Where the value of the credit is less than the flight being purchased, you may pay the difference with a debit or credit card.  Any fees associated with the use of a debit or credit card will be waived.*

*Debit card fees are only waived for transactions made in Australia

Where the value of the credit is more than the flight being purchased, the value of the flight will be deducted from your credit balance. The remaining credit balance may be used to purchase additional flights at a future time, provided the credit is valid at the relevant time.

The Credit Holder is required to use the credit in a manner consistent with the rights of the other passengers of the booking for which the credit has been issued. Subject to this term, the Credit Holder has sole discretion to determine what flights are purchased using the credit, and for whom.  If you are a passenger in a booking where the credit is held by another person, you will need to direct any requests, concerns or claims to the Credit Holder.

Is my credit refundable?

If the original flight for which the credit was issued was a refundable fare, the credit is also refundable until it is used, in whole or in part. Once any part of a credit is used, any remaining credit balance becomes non-refundable.  

Any refund requested will be processed to the original form of payment until any part of the credit is used, or the validity period has expired, whichever is earlier. 


Credit are only refundable under the following criteria:

  1. It was specified in the original conditions of your fare, or
  2. Local legislation requires a refund when a flight is cancelled by the operating airline, or
  3. Your booking with us is cancelled or delayed due to reasons within Air New Zealand's control, and it meets the criteria outlined in the Conditions of carriage, or
  4. The request qualifies for the Air New Zealand COVID-19 compassionate refund policy.

Refundable fare types

You can find the full details of your fare type on our fare rules page. Your fare type is noted on the receipt page of your E-ticket.

Relevant local legislation

Below are some examples of local legislation that may apply to an eligible flight cancelled by Air New Zealand:

  • In New Zealand, for controllable events like staff sickness, engineering or operational requirements, a refund may be available when Air New Zealand is unable to provide a reasonable alternative flight or where a refund is required under that New Zealand legislation. For disruptions outside of the airline's control (e.g weather, air traffic control event, public health event), where the alternative flight offered is not suitable, customers can opt into credit or if they purchased a refundable ticket, they will be eligible for a refund under those applicable fare terms.
  • US refund laws apply to flights to/from/within and via the US, regardless of country of residence or purchase.
  • The Air Passenger Protection Regulations for flights departing to and from Canada.
  • Regulation 261/2004 applies to flights departing the EU or UK on any airline, and flights arriving in the EU or UK operated by a European Carrier.  The regulation gives passengers the option of requesting a refund, regardless of the country of residence or purchase.
  • A refund may also be available in the following jurisdictions, provided that the passenger is resident in the applicable jurisdiction and the travel commences or ends in that jurisdiction:
    • South Korea
    • Argentina
    • Brazil
    • Taipei
    • Mainland China

Can I buy a refundable fare with my credit?

While a credit can be used to purchase any flight available for purchase by the general public from Air New Zealand, including a refundable fare, any refund will be returned to the form of payment used to purchase the new fare. This means that any part of the fare paid using a credit will be returned as a credit, with such credit retaining the original validity period as set out in these Terms and Conditions.

Any credit refund processed after the expiry of the credit validity period will automatically expire.

How did Air New Zealand calculate my credit?

When calculating the value of your credit, we included, as applicable, the original fare, all taxes (including GST) paid, any additional Air New Zealand flight product purchased including Seats to Suit, Skycouch, seat select, extra bag(s), or any unaccompanied minor fees, credit card surcharges and booking or services fees.

Your credit value does not include any other products or services purchased except as set out in this term. For example, your credit does not include voluntary offset programme contributions or any amount paid for travel insurance, hotel or rental car bookings.

Am I eligible to receive my Airpoints Programme benefits when using my credit?

Tickets purchased in part or full using a credit will be eligible to earn Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars and Status Points in accordance with the Airpoints Terms and Conditions.   

What should I do if I believe there has been a fraudulent use of a credit?

The Credit Holder will be notified each time a credit is used.  If the Credit Holder believes that a credit has been fraudulently used, you must advise Air New Zealand in writing by completing the form available here no later than 30 days from the time that the Credit Holder received notification that a credit has been used

Changes to these credit terms and conditions

We may make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time. When we make changes, we will update these terms and conditions on our website. We will also specify the date of the last update. Using your credit following any such change will constitute acceptance of the change to these terms and conditions.