Koru Club Car Care terms and conditions

  1. All vehicles are parked at the owner's risk.

  2. Definitions and interpretation
    1. 'Airport' refers to the Auckland Domestic and International airports where the Services are provided for the Vehicle.
    2. 'Air NZ' refers to Air New Zealand Limited and all affiliated airlines.
    3. 'Air NZ/APL' means Air New Zealand and/or Airport Parking Limited trading as Koru Club Car Care who provides the Services as required/requested by the Client.
    4. 'APL' means Airport Parking Limited trading as Koru Club Car Care with relation to both the Auckland Domestic and International Terminals.
    5. 'Credit Card' means a valid credit card issued by a financial institution in the name of the Client and is supplied to APL to charge the Fees incurred.
    6. 'Client' means a person traveling either Domestically or Internationally and who procures the Services of APL.
    7. 'Fees' means fees set by Air NZ/APL for incurred Services including Grooming and Maintenance.
    8. 'Grooming' means the cleaning of the Vehicle as agreed between the Client and APL which is subject to these Terms and Conditions.
    9. 'Maintenance' means when requested by the Client, APL will utilise the services of vehicle maintenance companies to carry out the requests and is subject to these Terms and Conditions.
    10. 'Services' means the services offered by APL to the Client. These Services include the moving and storage of the Vehicle and any other services in respect of the Vehicle agreed to on occasions by Air NZ/APL such as Grooming and Maintenance.
    11. 'Terms and Conditions' means the terms and conditions set out in this document, as varied at the discretion of Air NZ/APL.
    12. 'Vehicle' means the motor vehicle which the Client delivers to Air NZ/APL for the purposes of receiving the Services under the Terms and Conditions. Words importing natural persons include partnerships, bodies, corporate, associations, governments and governmental and local authorities and agencies.
      A reference to a party includes its executors, administrators, successors and permitted assigns.
      A reference to these Terms and Conditions includes a reference to the document as amended or replaced at the discretion of Air NZ/APL.

  3. Fees
    The minimum Fee of 24 hours is applicable to the Client, regardless of the length of time the Vehicle is parked with APL. Upon utilization of APL, payment of Fees is due prior to the collection of the Vehicle unless by prior arrangement with the management of APL.

  4. Authority in respect of the vehicle
    The Client authorises APL to perform any movement of the Vehicle that APL considers necessary for it to supply the Services, including the following
    1. Entering the Vehicle
    2. Moving the Vehicle to any premise owned or leased by APL.
    3. Adjusting the driver seat position/mirror position for any purpose that APL deems necessary to transport the Vehicle safely and/or complete Grooming correctly.

  5. Authority to release vehicle
    1. The right to release the Vehicle
      The Client authorises Air NZ/APL to grant access to the Vehicle or release the Vehicle to any person who produces satisfactory verification to Air NZ/APL that the person is the owner or has authority to or is permitted to the possession of the Vehicle.
    2. The right to retain the Vehicle
      Air NZ/APL may retain the Vehicle until
      1. All Fees due in respect of the Vehicle are paid, either in cash or by Credit Card upon collection of the Vehicle and
      2. In circumstances where clause 5a applies, it is satisfied that the person in entitled to possession.
    3. Damages
      The Client releases and agrees not to hold Air NZ/APL liable for delivering the Vehicle to any person, providing clause 5a is satisfied.

  6. Lien and abandonment
    1. Acknowledgement
      Further to clause 5b, the Client acknowledges that Air NZ/APL has an equitable lien in respect of the Vehicle and all goods in or attached to the Vehicle ('Lien'), for all Fees due and unpaid in respect of the Vehicle under these Terms and Conditions.
    2. Exercise of Lien
      The Client agrees that Air NZ/APL, at it discretion, may exercise the Lien in respect of any due and unpaid Fees and may retain the Vehicle and/or any goods in the Vehicle and serve notice on the Client requiring immediate payment of the Fees.
    3. Power of Sale
      If the Fees have not been paid within 90 days of Air NZ/APL providing the notice to the Client, Air NZ/APL, after making reasonable attempts to contact the Client/owner, may sell the Vehicle and/or the goods in the vehicle and apply the proceeds in the first instance to the Fees due and unpaid and the cost of exercising the right of sale.

  7. Credit Cards
    1. The provision of the Credit Card
      The Client agrees to provide Air NZ/APL with the number of the Client's Credit Card for the purposes of charging that Credit Card in respect of all Fees payable for Services provided under these Terms and Conditions. The Client further agrees to provide such additional Credit Card or cards where the Credit Card referred to above is cancelled or expired or where Air NZ/APL reasonably makes a request to that effect.
    2. Authorisation
      The Client authorises Air NZ/APL to charge the Credit Card in respect of all Fees and amounts payable from time to time under these Terms and Conditions in respect of the Vehicle.
    3. Warranty
      The Client warrants that the Credit Card is issued in his or her name and that he/she is responsible for all amounts credited to that Credit Card for Services performed, or that in the case of the Credit Card being a joint Credit Card, the named persons will be jointly and severally liable for the amounts credited to the Credit Card.

  8. Consumers Guarantee Act
    Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall override the provisions of the Consumers Guarantee Act in respect to any contract to which the Act shall apply. Provided however, that in every case where Services are provided by Air NZ/APL for the purposes of a business then the provisions of the Act and all other terms, warranties, conditions implied by statute or under any other rule of law whether in tort or in contract are expressly excluded.