Important notice regarding airline tickets

This is an important notice regarding bookings, purchases, and ticketing. Please read this before booking tickets.

Information regarding service charges

The Air New Zealand Contact Centre will bill the following service charges when receiving orders for applicable services. These charges are in addition to the fees of each of the services. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Service Fees chart
New Issue (per person / per booking)


Change (per person / per booking)


Prepaid extra bags (per person / per segment)


Paid seat select service fees (per person / per segment)



Boarding records / flight delay / cancellation records etc.

(per person / per segment)


  • The above service charges are not refundable under any circumstances.
  • The same charges apply to adults, children, and infants (less than 2 years of age and not using a seat).

Ticketing procedures after booking tickets online

The online booking system automatically completes ticketing procedures at the same time the booking is made. Therefore, please note that under the following circumstances a service charge will be applied for cancellations, changes, or any of the above mentioned items.

  • When a duplicate booking was made
  • When a booking was made with an incorrect date or travel interval
  • When an input mistake was made such as name or gender (Make sure to enter your information using the same alphabetical characters as they appear on your passport.)

Bookings including domestic flights in Japan and international flights of other airlines

When part of your itinerary includes domestic flights in Japan and/or international flights of other airlines (including codeshare flights operated by other airlines), it takes 24 hours after completion of booking procedures to make final confirmation of the booking.

Ticketing of airline tickets is carried out at the same time booking procedures are completed. However, if you receive notification that your airline seat for the flight has not been secured, one of our sales representatives will be in contact with you to change your flight booking.

During congested seasons, customers can make bookings with more certainty by calling the Air New Zealand Contact Centre: 03-5521-2770 (9:30am-5:30pm excluding weekends and holidays).
(It may be difficult to make contact depending on the time of the day. We appreciate your understanding in such a circumstance.)