Assistance for passengers who are deafblind

Passengers with both hearing and vision impairments generally travel with a companion (safety assistant) for guidance and communication.

We realise however that there are varying degrees of impairment and that some whose ability and confidence allows may still be able to travel independently. This generally applies to those who we can satisfactorily communicate with on board; either verbally or with the use of the safety briefing cards. If however we are unable to communicate satisfactorily with you on board, but you are able to view our aircraft safety briefing cards online at home prior to travel, then you will still be able to travel alone under the following conditions:

  • Review the aircraft safety briefing card relevant to the aircraft you will be flying prior to going to the airport
  • Carry a communication card that states you have reviewed and understood the safety briefing card applicable to your flight and that you can and will follow the beckoning gestures of our crew in the event of an emergency

Due to safety regulations if you are unable to meet the conditions outlined above you will be required to travel with a companion (safety assistant).

If you wish to travel with your guide dog please see the section on Travelling with a service dog.