Receive travel alerts

Sometimes your flight time or details may change before departure.

We will send you a notification if your flight is going to be:

  • Delayed by more than 20 minutes
  • Changed to a different Air New Zealand flight
  • Cancelled

Sign up for travel alerts

We will send a text or email notification to the contact details in your Airpoints account or booking.

If you've added your Airpoints number to your booking, or opted to receive alerts when booking, you're already set up.

I'm an Airpoints member

Not an Airpoints member?

  • Add your mobile number and email address to your booking.
  • You can then activate travel alerts for your current flight.

Customise your alerts with Airpoints

If you're an Airpoints member you can tailor your alerts to suit your needs by choosing to receive text or email updates only. You can also select neither if you'd prefer to use the Air NZ app for flight updates instead.

International Flight Details In The Air NZ App White Background.

The Air NZ app

Download the Air NZ app and add your booking to receive travel updates. If you're an Airpoints member, your app will automatically sync with any linked bookings once you've signed in.