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Disrupt Reimbursement Consideration

If your journey has been disrupted for a controllable reason, e.g. engineering, or crew shortages, and your new itinerary requires you to stay overnight in a place you do not reside, our airport team will be working hard to secure accommodation for you.

Over peak travel periods, availability is extremely limited and you may be required to source your own accommodation.

As a guideline, we recommend $250.00 per room and $90.00 per person, per night for meals. This is a recommended amount only, and all expenses must be reasonable and supported by itemised tax invoice receipts. Please retain all itemised tax invoice receipts, as they are required for reimbursement consideration.

To submit your reimbursement request, please visit here to do so. Alternatively, you can visit here for details on how to submit your claim through our messaging channels. 

Air New Zealand's flexibility for affected Boeing 737 Max 9 customers

Following the recent directive from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to temporarily ground certain Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft operated by U.S. airlines or in U.S. territory, Air New Zealand wishes to communicate that we do not operate this type of aircraft within our fleet. Our International airline partners may do so, however, and any Air New Zealand customers booked directly through us with travel on affected Boeing 737 Max 9 will be provided the following flexibility:

Change Travel Date

Customers ticketed through Air New Zealand and booked on a flight operated by a 737 Max 9 aircraft can change their travel without a penalty or service fee. A fare difference will apply if the same booking class isn’t available.

Change Destination

Customers ticketed for travel may change their travel to another destination as per the permitted fare rules without penalty and service fee. In this instance, any applicable fare differential will apply.


If you no longer wish to travel as planned, you may cancel your flight and either:

  • receive a full refund of unused tickets regardless of fair conditions,
  • hold the ticket in credit for a 12-month validity.

Incidental Costs

Any customer who opts to commence their journey as planned does so at their own risk. Air New Zealand will not be liable for any costs, such as accommodation and/or meals, associated with disrupted travel should you opt to travel as planned.

If you require assistance, you’re welcome to reach out to us. We’re here to help. If you’re calling from outside New Zealand, view our international contact numbers.

We encourage customers who are booked with and ticketed on other airlines to contact them directly for details on their policies.