How to use your credit

You can check your credit balance and use it to purchase any Air New Zealand fares online.

How do I view my credit balance?

To view and use your credit, you'll need your booking reference and the email address from your original booking.

  • Online using our online credit tool
  • Ask our chat bot, Oscar "What is my credit balance?"
  • Login to the Air New Zealand app before clicking 'more' then 'view credit note' to view your credit balance from flights booked using your Airpoints number.

If you've added your Airpoints number to your flight booking, you can sign in to Airpoints and view your credit balance via our online credit tool without your booking reference or email address.

How do I use my credit?

  • Where? You can use your credit to purchase any Air New Zealand fares, including when another airline is involved. You can also use an existing credit to pay for a flight change, purchasing seats, bags or upgrading an existing booking. Any additional payment must be made using a credit card. Credits cannot be used at the Airpoints™ Store, for Voluntary Emissions Contribution Programme contributions or to purchase other travel products such as hotels or rental cars.
  • Who? You can redeem part or all of your credit for yourself or someone else. If you authorise someone else to use your credit, they will need the booking details of your original booking to access your credit.
  • How Use up to 2 credits of the same currency to make a new flight booking online. If you want to use more than 2 credits, call our Contact Centre. If you would like to use your credit to make changes to an existing booking, such as adding a bag, only 1 credit may be used within a transaction. If your purchase is more than your credit value, any additional payment must be made using a credit card (no credit card fee will be charged). To complete a purchase with credit, select 'pay with credit' on the payment page.

Important information

The online credit tool can be used for most credits held in NZD, AUD, USD, CAD, EUR, SGD, GBP, JPY, HKD, CNY TWD, KRW and XPF.

If you have not received notification that your credit has been processed, please note that our Team is currently working on resolving this. We will be in touch soon with a new booking reference. If you need to use your credit urgently, please call our Contact Centre.

If you booked with a travel agent or third party, you'll need to contact them about your credit.

Group bookings

To use credit from a group booking, please contact our specialised team of Group Co-ordinators who will help you to use your credit towards a future group booking.

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* Air New Zealand flights can be purchased 355 days in advance